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The first and only of its kind, In-Genesis is a powerful resource created with you in mind.

This is a fantastic industry for those who know and take the right steps. 


We reject the cliches that ‘Being an actor is hard’, that being an artist means you have to ’suffer’.

If you believe it to be true - it will be.

At In-Genesis, we believe that most actors fail because… 

Many Actors do not:

  • Realize it is a business.
  • Have access to learn about the business of acting.
  • Know what their niche is as an artist, and how to market themselves.
  • Have adequate support; someone to stand for their success, keep them on track. 
  • Have a great agent.

Your success is a product of what you invest in both your craft and your business. 

Invest in what will repay you in the short term and throughout your career. 


Work with In-Genesis, and you will:

  • Learn about the business.
  • Work within it with clarity, vision and ease.
  • Connect to what you can best contribute as an artist; how to market your self.
  • Have the commitment of an In-Genesis rep to your success, and to guide you every step of the way.
  • Find the top agent that is right for you!

We can help you to know and make the right steps.  Your career is waiting. 

Don’t waste another second. Seize your opportunity.