Hello, my name is Diana Cofini and I am the proud Founder and President of In-Genesis: the first and only company of its kind.

I will work with you when you hire In-Genesis. My fierce commitment to every client has created a 100% success rate to date.

I am an actor in Toronto. My own campaign before graduating from theatre school yielded tremendous results! Offers from seven of the top agents in the city, two of which were from the same agency.

My own mailing campaign was so successful that I got offers from over 60% of the agents who received my package.

These results are unheard of. I signed with  one of the "foremost" agencies in Canada.

Currently, I am represented by the wonderful team of Butler Ruston Bell. 

I am committed to getting each client signed with an awesome agent, and to seeing each client stand confidently on their own two feet as a business professional.

My successful experience with In-Genesis over the past 4 years, and my connections with some of the top agencies in Toronto create a very real advantage for each of my clients.

You will be inspired, prepared, and ready to take on this new, exciting phase of your life, with the team of people you’ll need to succeed.