General Inquiry Industry Consultations.

A one-hour, one-on-one session with In-Genesis president and actress Diana Cofini, providing the most current and exclusive industry information, advice and direction.  These sessions may be used to learn more about Toronto’s Film &TV Industry, Local Agents and Headshot Photographers.


A Perfect Cover Letter.

Many do not realize that this item can mean the difference between success and rejection. It is the first impression you will make even before an agent looks at your head shot or reads your resume. An ineffective cover letter is the beginning and end of an ineffective campaign.

We will create a cover letter that is an expression of you and that leaves the reader excited to meet you and to support you as an artist.


A flawless Industry formatted resumé designed to market you best.

Our attention to detail results in an aesthetically perfect resume that is quickly processed by a busy agent. The content of your resume will be organized to best showcase your experience and skills.


Indispensable coaching and current business information exclusive to In-Genesis clients.

You have spent hundreds on head shots; on paper and ink; on envelopes and stamps; and thousands on training. You have invested countless hours in training and rehearsal. Now, with our exclusive industry information you will stand out amongst the competition as a leading professional.

Each client signs a mandatory confidentiality agreement which protects their competitive edge and investment with In-Genesis.


Dedicated follow-through and collaboration.

We correspond with you over e-mail before packages are sent out to ensure that the final product is a cohesive and complete campaign that stands out. We work with you every step of the way in the editing process.

Coaching is available over the phone before meetings with agents and in the process of choosing the agent you want.


Our first goal is to see every client in a fulfilling partnership with their new agent.

You can count on In-Genesis to be on your team as a manager and coach for the first 6 months of your career.

Why ongoing coaching? You will have a partner with whom you can discuss both achievements and considerations, who is dedicated to your success. We continually offer the keen business guidance that got you the agent in the first place.

In-Genesis will keep you aligned with the goals and vision you created for yourself. You can create new ones with us when the time is right.


Together with In-Genesis, you will build momentum and power, and consistently move forward in your career.