"Diana was there every step of the way during my mailing campaign as she provided support, mentoring and inspiration.  Working with her on my cover letter was an immensely inspiring and creatively fulfilling experience, as we really hammered out what I wanted to say and who I want to be as an artist.

With her guidance, I felt motivated and excited to work on my campaign and couldn’t wait to get out there to just meet with people and see where the possibilities would take me. Literally, less than 24 hours after I’d mailed out my packages, I received a phone call from an interested agency.  And before meeting with them, I felt confident knowing that I was well prepared and ready to stand tall as a powerful inspiring artist. 

After quite a few immediate responses and meetings, I found myself in the fortunate position of having to decide between six different offers. Needless to say, I was very satisfied with my campaign and the support of In-Genesis, and I have now found my new professional home at the Talent House and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you for all of your hard work Diana!"

 - Richard Chan

"Less than 24 hours after I’d mailed out my packages, I received a phone call from an interested agency."


"Diana  was both a coach and an inspiration to me. At the end of each conversation with her, I felt empowered in my search for an agent; to say she is passionate about what she does is an understatement.

Working with her has made me more knowledgeable about the industry as well as more confident in myself as an artist. She was always in communication with me every step of the way and her enthusiasm was always wonderfully infectious.

I recently signed with an agency, one I clicked with right away, and am very excited to be a part of – and for that I have Diana to thank. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously considering a campaign. You will be more than impressed!"

- Marisa Ship

"You will be more than impressed!"


"Diana Cofini has an extensive, up-to-date knowledge of every aspect of the industry which further enlightened mine and helped me execute each step in a proper and efficient manner in order to have me represented in the shortest amount of time.
Every actor is well acquainted with the fact that there aren’t any guidelines to follow in this competitive industry; specifically to attain a fundamental and vital goal like finding an agent.  To my utter fortune, I was introduced to In-Genesis: I met Diana Cofini.
It wasn’t just guidance that I acquired; the work was done for me. From choosing material for my demo reel, a photographer, picking specific outfits and “looks” for the photo-shoot, to receiving counseling whenever I was in doubt about anything.
I was updated constantly and fully prepped preceding each meeting with a potential agent. Right when the process commenced, I felt like my career had actually begun. Within a few weeks I was represented by one of the city’s top agents.
This service is a brilliant invention that every actor should consider making their starting point.
Many endless thanks to you, Diana."

-Ramzi Ayash                                         

"Within a few weeks I was represented by one of the city’s top agents."


"When it came time for me to find an agent, my acting school told me about Diana Cofini.  My father and I met with her, and she explained to me the process of In-Genesis and how it worked.  Once the meeting was over, I knew right away, without a question, that I wanted to go forward with the campaign and to work with Diana in signing me with an agent.  We worked together for several weeks, choosing the right headshot, fixing up my look and prepping me for meetings with various agents.  During this wonderful and exciting process, Diana understood my goals, how I wanted to be seen as an artist and gave me many tips, suggestions and techniques on how to act in the meetings along the way.
Diana became like my mentor, she was extremely sweet and caring.  If I had any questions she would always answer them to her best ability.  She really cared about me and cared about finding me the perfect agent. It felt good to have someone take me seriously and was on my side. After completing the campaign, I felt a 100% ready and confident to meet my agent. Diana gave me the confidence, throughout the whole experience, that I could accomplish anything if I work hard at it, and with that, I signed to my agent E.T.M (Edna Talent Management). Since the signing, I have booked roles in various television, commercial and film. Each and every meeting, with Diana, was an amazing experience!
Thank you so much Diana! You’re the best!!!"

-Adam Murciano                                        

"Since the signing, I have booked roles in various television, commercial and film projects!"