In-Genesis stands for a world in which there is an ever increasing number of actors who work and prosper. 

The self-expression of every working actor inspires people of different professions to take a stand and express their own message. Working together ensures the world becomes a very different place.

In-Genesis wants to be known as the catalyst in transforming the landscape of the acting industry in Toronto and the force behind many successful artists.

We are happy to be the company that gets you started on your journey and leave it at that, if you so choose. But In-Genesis wants all clients to manifest what they want in the long run and to be there along the way. 


If you are seeking to enter the business:

  • You need to know how the system works.
  • You need to identify and claim your niche as an artist.
  • You need a great agent.

 Your agent gets you full access to the world of acting.

The agent is your business partner, your career ally and therefore, an important part of your life. 

Your agent is the person who allows you to focus primarily on being the artist, because they have the power  and  networks  to  handle  the  business  side.  They  can do  the strategic work that  gets  you seen and heard and paid appropriately. They support  you in ensuring that your rights as an artist are protected.

In-Genesis works in a similar way. With In-Genesis you will have a partner who is focused on getting you seen, heard and in action in your career. Who respects and supports what you are committed to as an artist and as an individual.

Our expertise with agencies in Toronto and personal marketing will accompany you until the day you begin with your fantastic agent. 


If you’re already in the business and want to take your career to a new level:

  • A fantastic campaign is your key, incorporating the most professional, efficient and cutting edge techniques.
  • In-Genesis will show you how everything you have done up until this point will serve you perfectly. Your experience is an asset, of which we will make full use in marketing you.
  • You need to reinvent yourself as an artist and stand out in a whole new way. Together, we will transform your career. 


Brace yourself for life as you have only dreamed.